Snow Limos?

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In the high country of Colorado the snow can be very deep and for this reason snow limos in Aspen Vail and Denver are more practical rather than a regular limo, or a taxi for driving in the mountains of Colorado during winter storms. Four wheel drive and the weight of the limos make them much safer in the deep snow and ice that is common in Colorado. Many people are a little surprised when they order a limo and it is not the traditional stretch limo, but they understand when they have it explained to them that most limos are rear wheel drive, which makes them less safe than a large 4×4. The traditional limo does have a lot of weight and the longer wheel base also helps in the snow over a taxi or car, but the ride is totally different from a snow limo when the conditions are bad, which in the mountains the road conditions can vary wildly by the minute.

Any professional driver will tell you that unless you have lots of experience in the mountains taking on one of the winter storms is foolhardy. Unexpected slipping and sliding are something that you need to have lots of practice dealing with before you try to go over Vail pass, or through the Eisenhower tunnels, where whiteout conditions with hard packed snow and ice are common. It never fails during major storms that we will see many cars overturned, or completely buried in the snowbanks. Unfortunately, we also see where head on collisions are the result of someone crossing lanes from sliding, or they “lose the road” where the visibility is so low that you lose track of where the highway is and cross the center line, this is more common at night.

Standard equipment on most snow limos are temperature gauges located in the rear view mirror, which allow the driver a better understanding of the road conditions, anytime the temperature is below 32 it creates the possibility of black ice. You do not need snow or rain for this to materialize on the road, melting snow is often times the culprit, so sunny days can create puddles that will freeze and be virtually invisible. Temperatures in the mountains can go up or down 10 degrees just going from the sun to the shade.


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